About the School

Khalsa High School, completing 85 years of existence, since its foundation on 1st Nov 1933 with nearly 33 pupils at Bakul Bagan, was shifted to a rented building at Ashutosh Mukherjee Road in 1934 and was finally moved to its present site at 73, Padda Pukur Road Kolkata 700020 in 1936.

Owned by Gurdwara Bara Sikh Sangat, it was founded with the object of providing a through general education of high standard, primarily for the Sikh boys and girls and generally for children of all communities.

The initial years during the independence period were marked by a struggle to survive and establish a foothold in the realms of education. Khalsa learnt to weather the dark, stormy nights with sheer grit and iron determination, which are characteristics of the Sikh community.

Particular attention is paid to the ethical and moral training of the students, according to Sikh faith & beliefs, by classes and methods as may be conducive to the attainment of this mission.

In keeping with times, Khalsa moulded itself into the modern scenario. By the grace of ‘Waheguru’- the omnipresent, the school is set to explore the yet unexplored horizons and students are all geared up to face new challenges.

At present, this English Medium, co- educational school, functions in three sessions and accommodates about 1100 students from Nursery to class XII.